"There is so much I want to tell you about Cursillo, because I want you to get excited about it and come yourself!
"On the other hand, part of what makes Cursillo so great are all the amazing surprises along the way.

"Telling you too much would ruin it. Let me just tell you some of the ways God is at work through Presbyterian Cursillo:

"1. You will experience the love of God and God’s hand upon your life as never before.

"2. You will be richly blessed by the new friends, fellow brothers and sisters of Christ, that you must meet.

"3. You will come face to face with
the joy that Christian life is all about!

"4. You will be encouraged by heartfelt
testimonies about how God is
powerfully at work all around us.

"5. You will do a lot of singing, listen-
ing, laughing, talking, eating (great
food!), and receiving kisses from God."
What a Presbyterian Minister Who Had Just Attended a Weekend Told the Congregation