"In February, my wife and I treated ourselves to the gift of Cursillo. Several of our friends had taken it and recommended it, and that was enough for us. We headed to the weekend with few questions and no concerns about the upcoming three-day journey.

"Occasionally, Godís greatest blessings come completely out of the blue, and this was one such occasion for me. Having taught Sunday School for ten years, Iíve had many opportunities to research, meditate upon, and speak about Godís love..., but, in truth, I had never FELT this love in any but the briefest snippets until my Cursillo weekend.

"The retreat started on a high note on Thursday night and then just kept getting better. Three or four times during the 72-hour process, I said 'They canít top this experience' to those around me, only to be proven wrong by an even deeper and more moving encounter with Jesus Christ within hours of the statement.

"By Sunday evening, I experientially KNEW the love that God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit have for meÖpersonally. I KNEW that I had been called by name by God into a fellowship with Him that is eternal, unbreakable, and unfathomableóthat I am a beloved child of the King.

"There ...is nothing secretive about the process; yet, it can no more be described without the actual experience than can climbing Mt. Everest, watching your own child being born, or seeing a sunset that makes you spontaneously praise God. Some things just must be experienced to be understood, and the Cursillo retreat is one of those things.

"A Cursillo retreat is not for everybody. Those wanting their lives to stay exactly the same as they are right now will be disappointed by Cursillo, which will change every aspect of their daily experience, from how they perceive God, to the enjoyment they get from music, to the vibrancy they experience from the greens of Spring.

"But, if you are somebody who wants to experience a powerful encounter with the living Jesus Christ in your personal life, then treat yourself to a Cursillo weekend. After all, if a revitalized and deeper walk with Jesus is a good thing, isnít sooner better than later?"

Mark 6:31 Ė He said to them, "Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while." For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat.
What a Man Wrote to His Friends After Attending a Weekend