"Cursillo is the best thing I have done in my life. My Cursillo transformed how I view life, my relationship with God and His plan for me. It brought to me, in the most personal way, a true sense of belonging to the family of God that I had been, at best, only faintly aware of previously.

"The experience changed my idea of church and what I thought of as worship in a positive and meaningful way.

"Cursillo taught me how to draw closer to Jesus. It gave me the knowledge...necessary to carry the Great Commission forth in my life. The...thing that stands out above all others from the weekend is the real power of prayer, made tangible to me by someone dear and by a...feeling of being uplifted during the Cursillo.

"During the weekend, I felt bathed in the Holy Spirit, felt God's special love for me and came to know Jesus as a friend. I made many new friends and have memories I will treasure forever.

"My fervent prayer is that all those who can will make a
Cursillo; so that our community will be stronger, our sense
of purpose as His disciples renewed and invigorated, and
our love for all of God's creation will be as He desires."
My Cursillo Experience (The Cliff Notes)