"In the spring of '95 things at church weren't going as I had hoped. The Sr. Pastor had resigned and the church was going on 16 months with no headway toward electing a nominating committee. My frustrations mounted as many of my friends found other places to worship. There was a new church closer to my house and I felt it was time for me to make my exodus as well. So much, in fact, that I participated in the organizational meetings for the new church.
      "I had one foot out the door. I began to determine when and how to make this transition when someone approached me about a spiritual-renewal weekend event called CURSILLO. I signed up because several in the church had already been and I felt that perhaps I could learn more about it by going. Actually, having just been 'recreated' (see 2Cor 5:17) a few years before, I was relishing all the new gifts of life that God was giving me and was following where I felt He was leading me. To be totally honest, I felt that my relationship with God was just great and that He and I had it goin' on, so to speak. What could this CURSILLO thing do to top what I felt I already had?
      "Deep down, I thought that I would go and show some of those 'frozen chosen' what it was like to be spiritually renewed; thinking that I was right where I needed to be and if God wanted to tell me something, He'd do it in the same fashion as He had done a few months before. Looking back in retrospect, I see that I did not have a clue what it meant to 'walk humbly' with God. After sending in my application and being confirmed for the March Oklahoma Presbyterian Cursillo, I learned that I would be moving to the Dallas area that following summer so I started to cancel my plans to attend. Some friends talked me out of it citing that it would be a good opportunity to share some time with these friends before moving away. So, my 10-gallon ecclesiastical ego and me went to Cursillo that March.
      "The first evening was about what I expected, except that we were given a pamphlet to read and reflect upon if we so wished. As I read each page, written as a personal letter to me from Christ, I began to silently weep and I realized that I was taking in all the love He gave me, but was doing nothing to give it away. I began to realize just how magnificent it felt to be claimed as His child, and although many others are starving to know Him, I kept my little treasure trove tucked neatly away where only God and I knew its location. I knew right then that I was called to that weekend retreat for a particular reason, and that it was God who called me there.
      "Throughout the rest of the weekend, I listened to others share their stories of pain/conflict and subsequent resolution/resurrection. It became abundantly clear to me that outside of Abraham, Moses and myself, that God was actively seeking out personal relationships with all of these people, too! I knew that His love was meant to be passed on and that God uses each of us to spread that gift to one another. At that time, I began to see the warmth of Christ's love on the faces of those around me; not only the ones that were there that weekend, but also those whom I come in contact with each day.
      "There's nothing magic about the CURSILLO experience. It's not the only way, nor even the best way that one can experience God in new ways. But what these events do is place persons in environments of love where the world can stop spinning around for a moment and realize that God is good, all the time! It's an opportunity to still one's heart and mind from the outside pressures and submit to the Holy Spirit as He works in our lives.
      "There are many opportunities that each of us takes for granted to renew ourselves in Him on a daily basis. When was the last time we took time to look up at the stars on a clear, dark evening? Maybe it's time to stop and listen to the silence once more, over and over again, as we seek to hear that still, small voice. Then, with all grace and humility, we can give this gift away to others. He'll keep filling us after we've given away all we thought we had!"
The writer of this statement, Glenn Miller, is a member of North Texas Presbyterian Pilgrimage.
He issues a daily devotional to many folks by e-mail. This is the report in which he told about attending Cursillo.
The Fall of Mr. Know-It-All