"I've just returned from serving on staff at Cursillo - my third such experience in the last year. Each of the three has been unique, each one uplifting, each one exhausting. I'm not a Cursillo "groupie," but my respect for this event grows with each new experience. What Cursillo tries to do, it does very well and it doesn't try to do everything, which is one reason for its effectiveness.

"One thing Cursillo excels at, in my opinion, is letting lay people lead. In fact, one of the best reasons for going to Cursillo is that once you've gone as a participant you can then serve in a leadership capacity. I'm amazed each time not amazed in the sense of being surprised, but amazed in the sense of being awed by the ways in which God uses all of you to minister to one another. You have such gifts, such capability, such marvelous stories and lives with God, and Cursillo is one place where God utilizes all those things in mighty ways to encourage and build up the Body of Christ.

"I had one conversation this weekend with someone who was curious about my call to ordained ministry. I told him how I'd experienced joy and disappointment concerning God's call to me how the disappointment was about leaving the ranks of the laity when I deeply believed the world needs more lay disciples of Jesus Christ, not more clergy. I still believe that. I think (I know) that you through your relationships, words, and manner of life have far greater influence on the lost than any pastor does.

A Pastor's Reflection on Cursillo
"The man I was talking with disagreed rather strenuously with me about all this. He's entitled to his opinion, of course, but I still think I'm right. I think he'll remember the words of the lay-given talks and the caring behavior of all the staff members in a much different and life-affecting way than he'll remember what the pastors had to say.

"And you know what? Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see so many of you finding and fulfilling God's call to share your lives and your gifts with others. I may not get to be a layperson, but I do delight in being part of the impact you're having for Jesus Christ in the world."