Cursillo - Cursillo de Christiandad - is a short course in Christianity. It is a three day spiritual renewal retreat for men and women in which the main activity is learning about Godís love for us and Christís will for us.

Cursillo is a wonderful expression of Godís love, full of singing, learning, laughter, surprises, new friendships - all reflected in Godís people.
Cursillo is a program begun and first brought to this country by Roman Catholics. There are several Protestant versions - based on Protestant theology. Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage are presented in accordance with reformed theology and doctrine.

In order for a particular program to be licensed to use the name
Cursillo, it can accept only members of its own denomination.
Some programs have chosen to be ecumenical - accepting
members of more than one denomination - and thus do not call
their programs Cursillo. Presbyterian Pilgrimage is one such
ecumenical program. Presbyterian Cursillo and Presbyterian
Pilgrimage are otherwise essentially identical.

What Are Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage?