Although there are differences from place to place, it will probably go pretty much like this:

Arrive at the conference center Thursday, be warmly greeted. Attend a reception - the lemonade party - meet everyone. After dinner, gather for singing, introductions and a lot of fun and laughter. The evening worship service follows and then an opportunity for quiet personal reflection until bed time.

Each day begins with worship. After breakfast, Friday, there is more singing, more fun, and the first of the Cursillo talks. There will be 15 short talks over the next three days. Five are given by clergy and the rest by laity. The talks are the backbone of the Cursillo. Each talk is preceded by a time of singing and followed by a time of discussion within your table group. Friday ends with worship. The worship leaders are normally all Presbyterian ordained clergy.

Saturday continues pretty much like Friday, with more worship, talks, singing, fun, surprises, laughter and an opportunity to show what your group has learned.
On Sunday there is more of the same, and a chance to share your experience - if you want to - at the closing worship. After the weekend, there are periodic reunion groups and gatherings you’ll want to attend to keep up new friendships. There’s also the opportunity to serve as a staff member on later weekends, if you wish.

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What Should I Expect When I Attend A Cursillo or Pilgrimage?