Adult weekends: Jim Mason (336) 491-9970
Youth weekends (Arise): Nancy Alderson (910) 515-4170 (cell)
Mary Ann & Bill Kopp

Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage

Tennesee Valley Presbyterian Cursillo
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 Scheduled Weekends:
Tennessee Valley Presbyterian Cursillo # 24 - Jun, 2017
Lay Leader: TBA
 Mary Snyder (256) 558-5956
Ceil Hydrick (256) 303-8810
Tennessee Valley Cursillo is centered around Decatur, in northern Alabama and generally serves northern Alabama and Central and Eastern Tennessee. Alabama Presbyterian Cursillo is based in the Mobile area and generally serves folks in south Alabama and in the western Florida Panhandle. You are certainly invited to attend retreats held by either group or by any of our other communities.
Tennesee River At Stevenson, Alabama.