What Does It Take...
...To Start A New Presbyterian Cursillo or Pilgrimage?
It takes vision - and a lot of hard, dedicated work - planning, recruiting, organizing - and it's pretty nearly the most rewarding thing you'll ever do. It also takes a leader to pull it all together. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to interest and recruit such a person.

Cursillo and Pilgrimage are not "call up and order the kit" types of programs - they are people reflecting God's love. Cursillo and Pilgrimage are three day spiritual renewal retreats
that require a bunch of people to staff
and support them - as well as some
place to house them. Cursillo or
Pilgrimage are just about the best gift
you can give your community.

For the answers to four key questions
about starting a new Presbyterian
Cursillo or Presbyterian Pilgrimage
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Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage