The process of getting a new Presbyterian
Cursillo or Pilgrimage spiritual renewal retreat
program started usually goes something like this:

1. Decide to explore the possibility of starting the new program. Two or more
people from the new area attend a Presbyterian Cursillo or Pilgrimage weekend.

2. The group returns from the weekend, decides to pursue it further, and recruits more people to attend the next weekend. Some of the original group sign up to work staff that weekend. Talk to one of the leaders of the weekend attended to find out who to contact. Tell them of the interest in possibly starting a new community.

3. Form a leadership group - steering committee - and begin discussions of the 'how, when, where, and who' questions. Contact the leadership council of the community that sponsored the weekends you've attended. Advise them you'd like to consider forming a new group and would they be willing to sponsor your new community?

4. Continue building up your numbers and experience by having more people attend and help staff weekends. Come to an agreement with your sponsoring group. Visit and evaluate potential weekend sites.

5. Your sponsoring community will appoint a trainer - someone with a lot of experience and ability. The trainer will be in charge of at least your first three weekends. Prepare to hold your first weekend. You may be able to borrow some of the material things you'll need to hold your very first weekend from your sponsoring community.

6. Begin early to recruit pilgrims to attend your first weekend. Since there are so many surprises in a weekend, it's difficult to explain to prospective pilgrims just what goes on - so allow a lot of time for this crucial effort. Perhaps one community in three cancels its first weekend - often due to failure to recruit enough pilgrims.

7. Hold your first weekend! Critique, plan future weekends, hold your second and third weekends, be certified by the National Council - well done!
Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage
         How It's Normally Done