Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage
                    What support is available to a new Presbyterian Cursillo or Pilgrimage community?
1.  Sponsoring Community:  The community that sponsors your group in forming a new Presbyterian Cursillo or Pilgrimage community will provide a lot of help. In addition to providing a trainer - see "How it's Normally Done" - it will accept your people in it's weekends (there may be limits as to the number you can send each time), train your people by letting them work staff, provide a lot of resources for your earliest weekends and provide people to help staff your first weekend or two.

2 National Council:  Our National Council will help out in
many ways - to include providing song texts and contacts
for you to license them. The National Council will have
approved your trainer, will provide information about your
community to the other communities. Much of what the
National Council does is bound up in some of the surprise
elements of the weekend. If you've attended a Cursillo
weekend, you'll have some understanding of this.
3. Other Sources:  Other sources of support might include your own congregations or Presbytery as well as other local Cursillo type groups. You'll find that those who are interested in your project can be quite generous.
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