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Ultimate guide when choosing electronic dog doors

The process of selecting the best electronic door for your dog can be intimidating. Since they are so many in the market and they will be some that will be good compared to others. The choice of the automatic dog door will depend upon the needs that you have. It will be more intimidating if you don’t have the slightest guideline that you can follow that will guide you through the process. Having guidance it will make the whole process a lot easier, and you will not have to look for an automatic dog door for long because you will have an idea of what you want. Read about the best dog door reviews before choosing the electronic dog doors;


location of the dog

The critical thing that you should consider when getting the electronic dog door is the location that you intend to place the door. While this seems like a not essential factors, they are some door that will have to be installed on the wall. The doors will be designed for a different home interior. The location of the door will also make you move some things you don’t want the dog to knock down of some furniture when he or she is coming in. You will have to move some of the fragile things once you have chosen the location of the electronic door.


If you live in areas that have harsh conditions, like snow, extremely hot and it’s so windy, you have to be cautious when installing the automatic dog door. If its snow then when choosing the location make sure that the door will be slightly raised so that the storm will not interfere with the door. Remember that the door is being operated electronically so they are things that would be affected by water. Electronic dog doors are considered as the best in the windy condition because they close tight so they will not allow the unnecessary things inside.

Dog size

size of the dog

The dog will have different sizes they are some that are timid and other are like giants. If you have more than one dog in the house like a Chihuahua sharing the door with a German shepherd, you will have to consider the size that you will get. You have to choose an electronic gate that will accommodate both dogs. Remember that big dogs don’t like to jump through the dog door so select something that the dog will just walk through.