How to Size and Take Care of Goalie Gloves

For any serious goalkeeper, gloves are important just like cleats. This is because they help a keeper to control shots, provide comfort, and protection. As a good goalkeeper, you need to know how to take care of your protective equipment and know elements that can reduce its quality. As you probably know, gloves are not cheap, and they do not last forever.

2qq1 goalie gloves The truth is that expensive gloves offer the best grip. Sticky and super soft latex palms offer exceptional grip but do not provide a lot of durability. As a result of wear and tear, they will start showing off after some uses. This is because of the soft latex. A glove that is durable will have poor grip. In fact, a good glove should last about 13 games. After this, you can use it for training. The following are vital tips that can help you increase the life of goalkeeper gloves.

Purchase the correct size

If you buy gloves that are too small or big, it will not only affect your performance but may accelerate wear and tear of gloves. In fact, fingers which are in gloves that are too small or too big can cause a lot of stress on latex and seams which may cause a premature breakdown. You can check  EliteSport products and choose some of the best goalie gloves you can get.

In match care

If you are using soft latex gloves, ensure you moisten your palm with water. Avoid spitting as it adds a lot of bacteria to your palm. However, some gloves made of latex can be quite slippery when wet. Thus, you need to determine the right balance.

Training gloves

If you want your match gloves to last long, do not practice with them. Purchase inexpensive training gloves that can withstand the beating of training. When your match gloves start showing signs of wear and tear; relegate them to training.

Clean your gloves

Sweat and dirt can damage the latex. This is because dirt works like sandpaper and makes converts the soft latex into the hard crusty surface. Moreover, toxins in the sweat can dry out your gloves over time. Therefore, it is advisable to rinse them after a game to help wash the sweat, split, and dirt away.q2 goalie gloves u2

Proper storage

After a match, do not throw your gloves into a bag and forget them. Wipe them using a moist glove towel. Do not store them when they are wet.