Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage – Spiritual Renewal Retreat

Presbyterian Cursillo-Presbyterian Pilgrimage
Spiritual Renewal Retreats

Presbyterian Cursillo and Presbyterian Pilgrimage are spiritual renewal retreats. They are focused on the love of God for God’s children thru the presence of Jesus Christ and with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage conform to reformed teaching and are made up entirely of common elements – worship, teaching, singing – lots of singing – discussion, laughing, sharing, and new friendships.

Cursillo and Pilgrimage are coed. They are lay led and clergy supported.

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As we say in Cursillo, DeColores* and God Bless you.

*Freely translated from the Spanish, DeColores means -“The Colors”. See and enjoy the colors God’s given you out of love for you.