3 Digital Spaces You Should Know About

Now that technology has become more prevalent in everyday life, it’s important to think about digital spaces and how they continue to serve both personal and business needs. For starters, the right digital space can improve company communications or the ability to share knowledge with your employees. Another great digital space can be a platform dedicated to gaming with all of the security necessary to run an efficient tournament. Digital space can also serve as an online forum for trending topics or live events. These are just some of the ways in which online communities can gather for a common cause. Below, you’ll find three digital spaces everyone should know about.

1. A Chan Board


Chan boards tend to serve as forums, or digital bulletin boards, on the internet. You’ve likely heard of 4chan or 8chan at some point. These forums are popular because they serve as digital spaces for just about anyone. Primarily, they’re image boards that allow for free speech regarding a wide variety of topics. What makes it different from social media is the fact that it maintains anonymity for users. While it’s a digital space that’s often fun and full of memes, moderators have come across troublesome or even illegal content over the years. That’s just the nature of any forum on the internet that fosters anonymous posting. There’s only so many moderators can do, and that’s where LifeRaft comes in. With open-source intelligence tools (OSINT), security teams can investigate and monitor these boards. It’s a tool that helps protect organizations and their assets to prevent any further security incidents.

2. A Dedicated Game Server

Another digital space you should know about is the dedicated game server. This is for hosting your favorite online games and ensuring everything goes off without issues. Dedicated game servers are set up to reduce lag while hosting online games and allow for the best performance with up to 1Gbps bandwidth. Reliability is key when it comes to the best gaming experience. Plus, having a dedicated server for gaming can also help with DDoS attacks. OVH Cloud, for example, offers DDoS protection that helps you avoid downtime while playing. Their servers have data centers all over the globe to ensure the best gameplay. This is a digital space solution that can help you focus on hosting an optimal gaming session without hiccups or distractions.

3. An Intranet Platform


Intranet hubs and platforms allow companies to streamline their collaboration. Whether it’s onboarding or sharing knowledge and data, an intranet platform is a digital space that really benefits any organization. These platforms even have analytics to monitor company communication. With interactive intranet software, employees will have online access to everything they need to complete their work. Some platforms even allow you to access the software through a handy mobile app. That way, whether you are working on the go or on the way to the office, it’s easy to collaborate with coworkers across the application.

Digital spaces are all about establishing community. And while it’s great to be able to connect with all kinds of people online, there are some issues that need to be dealt with in that process as well. There’s the matter of ensuring security, protecting your data, and eliminating any potential issues that may arise within any online space. Most people don’t think about these aspects of online communities. They spend time online without thinking about any issues or repercussions from spending time in the wrong kind of digital space. That’s why it’s crucial to learn about the best digital spaces. That way, you can foster online community and efficiency without fail.

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