3 Ways To Make Some More Money on the Side

If you want to increase your monthly income and make some extra money on the side, you’re not alone! In fact, one in three Americans works a side hustle to earn more income each month and make ends meet. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there; the bad news is that many of them aren’t worth the time and effort you put into them. To help you find easy, legitimate side hustles, we’ve compiled a list of three side hustles that will help you make more money on the side in 2022. Check it out!

1. Teach something you know.

Selling online courses is a popular side hustle because almost everyone knows something worth teaching. You can sell courses online either directly or by partnering with others. Even if you aren’t interested in creating an entire course, you can still use these sites as selling platforms for single lessons and videos—so even if you have only one class or idea you want to teach, that’s enough to get started!

Selling online courses allows you to earn passive income from people who sign up for your course after it’s already been created. This means more time building your business instead of marketing it. To start selling courses online, simply decide on a topic, develop your course, and find a platform to offer it on.

Of course, to sell a course online, it needs to be something that people want to learn. Currently, the most popular courses teach ways to make a living online, such as through freelance writing, web design, marketing, and business. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for other skills, such as knitting, music, photography, and interior design. The most important thing is that you teach something you’re highly knowledgeable and passionate about.

2. Do voice-over work.

There’s a great deal of money to be made doing voice-over work, and if you can make your voice appealing, you have an excellent shot at making some serious side income. It’s one of those freelance jobs that has little barrier to entry: Anyone with a microphone or access to recording software can do it. With patience and hard work, voice acting could bring in quite a bit of revenue, even for new actors.

So, what exactly is a voice-over artist? Voice-over artists are performers who record audio in such a way that it can be layered over or edited onto video footage. Professional voice actors perform these voices as part of their jobs, but there are also opportunities for amateurs in certain types of projects.

3. Sell stuff online.

A great way to earn some extra cash is by selling stuff on eBay. It can be as easy as purchasing items at a discount and reselling them for a higher price. For example, if you’re buying something that’s sold out at a department store, you might want to check if there are any closeout sales being offered online so you can grab those deals and sell them for more money than what they’re normally going for. Another thing you could do is purchase used electronics or cell phones from sites like Gazelle and sell them back online at their highest value (you’ll have to pay a fee upfront, but after that, it’s all profit).

You don’t have to start out with online sales by spending money, though. You can start with stuff around the house. And you actually might be surprised at the items that can make you a profit. For example, look up parts from your old blender. A blade from a blender you’re about to toss out could make you anywhere from $10 to $30, depending on the brand. Then, you can sell the lid and pitcher separately, as well. Almost anything can have value if you know where to look!

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