5 Fresh Ways to Find a Business Idea

For many, finding a new business idea is as simple as following a passion. However, some have an entrepreneurial spirit but don’t know exactly how to put it to use. Finding a business idea can be frustrating but, with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Whether you’re coming up with the best solution for a common problem or you’re looking to be the next addition to a booming product market, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Try to solve common problems.

Have you ever wished that someone had an answer to a specific problem of yours? Well, instead of waiting for the perfect solution, try to develop a business that comes up with it yourself. A good place to start is through market research surveys. You could work on building up an email list about different niche topics and gauging public responses to them. When you find an area of opportunity, you can work on developing the ideal fix. Whether you’re interested in developing smaller products or large-scale services, it’s always good to actively respond to the needs of your prospective customers.

Look at current trends.

While you may face some stiff competition, solid trend analysis can provide you with a smart business idea. Take the packing industry, for example. Due to the ongoing concerns surrounding the coronavirus, many businesses are investing in automatic bundling machines, sealers, and conveyors to assist with product shrinking. Relying on an automatic shrink wrap machine limits human contact with products, cans, and cartons, and is the best way to achieve a lower cost while improving production. Even if you’re not in the market for shrink film or a shrink tunnel, you can look at modern trends and adapt your services to cater to them.

Focus on agility and mobility.

Speed and convenience are paramount these days. If you can provide these two features, you’re offering an excellent value to your customers. Agile, cloud-based businesses are booming and are more capable of offering a wide range of products and services while mitigating the risk of data breaches. If it’s your first time working in a tech-heavy sector, you may want to partner with a service like Turbot to ensure your cloud communications and configurations are more secure. Turbot focuses on enterprise deployment for the business sector and is a smart choice for any business unit.

Explore your passions.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do something you love in a professional capacity? If you enjoy cooking, you could start up a seafood eatery that serves flatfish, halibut, and salmon fillets. If you have previous business expertise, you could work as a consultant for top companies and businesses in your preferred niche. If you’re passionate about technology, you could work on developing the world’s next killer app. Of course, you don’t want to burn out something you’re passionate about while doing this. That’s why a healthy work-life balance is incredibly important. Find ways to explore your passions recreationally, too.

Apply a strong business model to a different industry.

Think of how Uber and Lyft changed the taxi game forever. Consider how Airbnb made finding travel accommodations so much easier. If you can take an existing business model and apply it elsewhere, you may have a hit on your hands. Of course, you’ll want to make smart iterations on the current model so you don’t look like you’re simply copying and pasting a business.

Whether you’re following trends like the changes to shrink wrap machines or you’re developing a high-speed app that users will love, there are always ways to kickstart your entrepreneurial imagination.

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