Are Cremations Expensive?

The U.S. funeral industry is booming. This is both because of demographics, as well as due to the rising cost of a traditional burial. The average funeral costs between $7,000 and $12,000 in the current market, and this is part of a continuation of rising pricing that is only projected to grow in the years to come. Many U.S. seniors are considering alternatives to the traditional burial process as a result of these expensive price tags, and you should, too.

Know where your loved one stands on funeral services.



The first thing that a family must do when approaching the costs and plans for funeral arrangements is discuss the entirety of this need with loved ones. Whether you are an aging parent or the child of a senior, talking about wishes and how to make accommodations for this requirement is always the first step when approaching a plan for a funeral service.


All too often, children don’t know where their parents stand on these important issues. Whether it’s the need to frequent an integrative behavioral medicine center in Staten Island, NY for cancer or Alzheimer’s treatments, or handling medical adjustments and needs, these topics are usually taboo for discussion among families. Flipping the script on this relationship between hard to broach topics and loved ones is essential to planning a dignified and appropriate funeral, however.


There is nothing wrong with any type of funeral arrangements you might make with a local funeral director. In fact, the truth is that you have the option to select whatever feels right for you. You may prefer a wake, burial, and the whole nine yards—that’s totally fine. Others prefer a smaller procession or a cremation ceremony. Speaking about these preferences with your loved ones is the best way to ensure that any wishes are fulfilled. Without this important conversation they will be left to decipher your objectives and hopes for themselves which may lead to decisions that you would have done differently.

What about cremations?



Cremation is a great way to navigate the funeral needs of a family member. Cremation is the burning of remains in order to either place the ashes into an urn that can be kept by the family or scatter the remains in a place that the deceased loved. A memorial service is often scheduled, as it would be with any type of funeral arrangements, and then the cremation process takes place in lieu of burial. This option is gaining more and more steam in the United States for its dignified service and lower price point—coming in at typically half the price of a traditional funeral service or less. Searching for ‘crematorium near me’ will give you plenty of options to choose from for your family’s cremation services.


Many older Americans simply don’t have a strong urge to be buried in a cemetery with the standard headstone and pre-cast flower space. This change represents an evolving dynamic within society, but also a rejection of the traditional means of paying respects to loved ones who have passed on. Rather than making the pilgrimage to a gravesite, Americans are choosing to house their beloved family member’s remains in a timeless urn in their home.


Alternatively, many adventurous individuals ask for their ashes to be scattered in a place that they loved or hoped to visit someday. Hikers ask for their family members to take their remains on the Kilimanjaro hike, or a scuba diver might request that they be brought to the Great Barrier Reef. Coupled with a life insurance payout to your beneficiaries, this can act as a wonderful way to nudge the family you’ve left behind to take the trip of a lifetime while bringing your remains along for the ride.

You can still organize a dignified memorial service.



Whether you choose to be cremated or buried, the remainder of the funeral process can still go ahead unaltered. Having your body waked at a funeral home, complete with stick on nails and your favorite outfit, is a typical process for both main types of funeral arrangements. Holding these types of ceremonies fits with the traditions and compassion that normally accompanies this loss, and it will give your loved ones the chance to say goodbye in a way that feels dignified and respectful.


Alternatively, if you don’t feel the need for this addition you can opt for a direct cremation. This type of funeral service is the bare bones package that gets the whole process over within as short a time span as possible. Skipping the memorial service and proceeding directly to the cremation procedure is a time and money saving options for those who would rather see their family spend the money on something for themselves. It’s important to stress that choosing this option is equally respectful, and anything that you ultimately decide to include is completely reasonable. There is no right choice, just one that fits best with your own personalized needs and feelings.


Choosing a cremation service is one option that many Americans are choosing for their funeral service. A crematory can provide you and your loved ones with the sendoff that you deserve and need at a fraction of the cost of a burial. Consider all your options while choosing a funeral service.

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