Are Display Homes Good Investments?

Homeownership is something that many people strive for. It’s sometimes seen as the next step in living one’s life, but it can also represent a lot of things for different purchasers. For some people, homes are a financial investment. These are places that serve the simple role of being an item that accrues money over time. For families, homes can also mean a new start on a few fronts. For parents, this might mean starting a new job in St. Louis, which is closer to home. Or, maybe they have an opportunity to attend a better school that is near their new home in Houston, TX.

When families are seeking out new homes, one option that is available to them is model homes. These are the model homes that you might see if you visit a subdivision where other homes are being built. Such places are already furnished and are used to show what houses in the area will look like. It allows an opportunity to do a full walk-through tour for prospective buyers. The question which arises though is, after there’s no use for the display home, what happens to them? Are they good potential investments for homeowners or investors? We’ll take a look at why investing in a model home may be a great idea.

High-End Materials and Appliances


A model home comes replete with a variety of new features so that the home is appealing to prospective buyers. Display homes, in a way, are like massive furniture showrooms, which show off the different rooms of the house, including items that can be added. A display home that is sold as-is is built with the best materials, and high-end finishes. These homes come included with stainless steel appliances, decent-sized master bedrooms, quartz countertops, wood, and luxurious-looking plank vinyl flooring. The great thing about investing in a modular home is that you have the opportunity to purchase something that’s fairly new. Model homes are purposely kept in the best shape possible, to ensure that homes in the area are bought.

Think if you went to a gigantic IKEA and moved from a master bedroom set up, to a living room display replete with stylish couches and armchairs. This is pretty much what a model home is, except it’s representing a house that you can have built to your liking.

Say you’re a renter moving from a set of apartment homes to a new house. Wouldn’t you prefer having an already built home, that comes stocked with high-end materials and appliances? You are stepping up into the world of homeownership, so it would be a good idea to purchase a display home that meets all of these standards. Investing in a display home because of these high-end or high-quality offerings is a checkmark for the pro column.

Saving Money

Let’s say you decide to move from a set of Venterra Realty apartment homes to a new home. Though these apartment homes run by John Foresi from Venterra Realty are a great place to live, and the apartment communities have some of the best amenities for renters, you want a change for your family. This is where a new home comes in, or in this case, a modular home.

Imagine being able to find the same quality of living at a decent price with a model home. These display homes tend to sell for less than the original value and can be a great deal for a prospective homeowner or investor. You save money after making such an acquisition, and sometimes end up paying lower interest rates upon receiving approval for a home loan. You’re also saving on time and costs by moving into a home that has already been built, rather than having to wait on expensive building costs. Purchasing a model home is a good idea because of the money you’ll save in the process.

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