How a Marketing Calendar Can Benefit Your Real Estate Company

Real estate sales are all about long-term strategy. Meeting deadlines and producing a rock-solid workflow for targeting and profiting off various real estate properties in your local market takes hard work and a dedication to excellence. One space in which the real estate companies see fantastic growth is in online marketing and particularly using a marketing calendar to map out a course toward success.

Social media and digital content lead to long-term sales growth.


In the modern world of real estate sales, team members must be vigilant to capture interest from the wider market. You can do this in several ways, but nothing beats the long-term staying power of a strong SEO game. With a marketing calendar tool, real estate firms can create evergreen and targeted blog posts that conform to exacting deadlines and key metrics. A calendar might seem like a rudimentary element when it comes to finding success in this fast-paced business. Yet, attention to key branding details is often the silver bullet for companies and individual real estate investors looking to continue building revenue over the long term.

The truth is that sales and company growth rely on a strong social media presence these days. With more than four billion active monthly users, combined social media platform penetration is a key space in which your marketing principles must shine at all times. Building a social media team and the corresponding blog posts and other marketing materials means teaching team members how to command the attention of your target audience and build content that provides some measure of value to keep them returning to your digital content.

New approaches offer increasing returns for real estate firms.


There are so many different features of the buying or selling process in real estate that individuals don’t understand. It’s a complex machine that consists of several moving parts and processes that a realtor needs to succeed. This means that your company can create a different type of interaction with your clients.

Because buyers aren’t changing homes as they might update a wardrobe or décor within their home’s space, providing your client base with a wealth of knowledge on the process of real estate transactions is a great way to prove your worth when the time for a home buying opportunity does present itself. Firms like Venterra Realty know this, and their standing at the top of the market is a testament to this approach to total market coverage. With a marketing calendar, you can create targeted advertising that hits with local SEO tactics while also producing more worldwide content that can bring in intermittent ad revenue beyond the real estate sales that your company engages in daily.

One way in which this is obvious is in the first-time homebuyer market. First-timers are growing older in the United States and all around the world. Coupled with a larger network of social media profiles and a core competency in social research, young people are more likely to partner with a real estate firm – or with companies in any other space, for that matter – that offer both great results and the information necessary to make smart fiscal decisions surrounding this critical purchasing event.

A content calendar is a key tool for capturing the market and building additional brand awareness at key phases throughout the year. With this simple tool, you can plan your advertising and blog content and churn out a steady stream of targeted and nuanced advertising materials that will keep your brand in the spotlight at all times. Incorporate this strategy for incredible growth over the long term and increased profitability.

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