How to Become a Diesel Mechanic: Education and Career

If you enjoy working with your hands and love vehicles, you may find yourself considering becoming a diesel mechanic. Being a diesel mechanic is not always an easy job, but it’s certainly a rewarding one. The diesel vehicle industry is continuing to grow, which means the chances of you finding a position within a good shop are high — but how exactly do you become a diesel mechanic?

Have the right skills

Like with any job, there are some basic skills that you should already have before you decide to become a diesel technician. While you certainly can go into a diesel mechanic school program or training job with no experience, you should have some of the skills it takes to be a mechanic. You should be good with your hands, have excellent problem-solving skills, and be good at math. There is a lot of math and science involved in being a mechanic so you should have basic math and science skills, too. So don’t worry about knowing everything about diesel engines but instead, focus on developing skills that will help you during coursework and future work experience.


Get the right education

Unlike some careers, you don’t necessarily have to go to school to become a diesel mechanic — however, if you only have a high school diploma or your GED, you’ll need several years of training before becoming a full-fledged mechanic. Fortunately, you can complete diesel engine repair or service technology programs that will give you the knowledge and skills needed to become a mechanic after your training is complete. If you go this route, you’ll receive automotive and diesel certifications or an associate’s degree. The curriculum and examinations in these programs will allow you to lean in a hands-on environment and get real experience with diesel technology. By the time you finish the automobile course, you’ll know everything there is to know about diesel engines and the electronic systems within them.

Have the right tools

Many mechanics need to provide their own tools at whichever shop they begin working at — so as you’re going through training programs and start looking for jobs, make sure you have what you need to do your job. You’ll need basic automotive tools, like sockets, wrenches, and jack stands. Additionally, you’ll want to invest in some high-quality work clothes. As a diesel mechanic, you’re going to get dirty on the job. Because of this, you need clothing and accessories that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. A reputable western apparel and work gear store will have what you need, like work boots, overalls, proper shirts, and other outerwear. Make sure to invest in durable, name brand tools and clothing to last you for years to come.


Find the right job training

Once you have the right education or training, it’s time to find on-the-job training so you can officially start your career as a diesel mechanic. You should find a local shop that offers training resources and all of the accurate information you need to be an automotive service technician. Once you land a job, you can put your education to use and start working in the automotive technology and repair industry. You should learn as much as you can from co-workers who have years of experience so you can work your way up to a master technician status.

More and more people are choosing to drive diesel automobiles, which means there is an increasing demand for diesel technicians. This is a great career path and if you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an experienced and knowledgeable diesel mechanic in no time.

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