How to Grow Your Business: Tips for Home Renovation Companies

For many, the satisfaction that comes with being able to provide others with the home of their dreams may eventually lead them to develop their own home renovation company. The problem? This industry is huge, and fierce competition requires you to do as much as possible to stand out from other companies in your area so that you can successfully scale over time. To help you achieve this, let’s take a look at some tips on how to grow your business as a home renovation company.

Stay on top of your online marketing strategy.


Although word of mouth and physical marketing is still essential in today’s world, the truth is that many will be looking for you online. If you have yet to develop your online marketing strategy, this could potentially be what is preventing you from achieving the growth you want. But what exactly does creating an online marketing strategy entail? Some key areas to focus on include:

  • Building a better website: Your website, just like curb appeal, makes the first impression. If your website is not functional, has a ton of broken links, or has poorly written content and is slow during use, chances are that your clients are going to go with someone who has put plenty of time and effort into their site instead, even if you’re the best pool builder in the Tampa area. Make sure to invest in your website as well as in equipment like used cameras for sale. By using professional lenses you’ll be able to capture your work and showcase it on your website. Remember, camera lenses and accessories function for a long time, and used equipment can capture your work for the best price. No matter what your budget, you can create a website that meets the standards of prospective clients without buying a new camera or hiring a photographer.
  • Optimizing your pages: Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to online marketing. Put simply, SEO is a collection of practices that you must use in order for Google to index your pages. This starts with on-page optimization, which will mean engaging in activities like optimizing your pages for industry related keywords in order to improve your overall visibility to customers in your area. You’ll also need to focus on local SEO and link building as you begin working towards better rankings.
  • Finding the right channels for your business: Certain marketing channels provide your business with better results than others. Take the time to figure out what works for your competitors, how you can begin tapping into these channels, and what it takes to ensure you get the engagement you want.

With the right marketing strategy on your side, it’ll become easier to reach your desired audience and improve your chances of success as you move forward.

Develop relationships with similar companies.


Being a jack of all trades isn’t necessarily something that’s achievable or desirable as a renovation company. As such, it’s important to develop relationships with similar companies that can support you in your endeavors and open you up to new clients. For example, if one of your clients in an area like Florida is looking to build a swimming pool in the backyard and you’re not experienced with these types of projects, you can enlist the help of swimming pool builders in Tampa. When your clients see how amazing their new pool looks (or their outdoor kitchens and fire-pits if you find a truly amazing pool building company) as well as how good their home renovations look, this provides you with a happy testimonial. Additionally, this allows both you and the company you associate with access to each other’s customer base. When businesses network, it’s almost always a win-win situation.

Work on developing a solid portfolio.

A renovation company relies on proof of their work in order to thrive. As you begin taking on clients, it’s vital that you record the process, layout how it works for future customers, and keep these projects available on your website so that customers can see what they’ll be receiving when they reach out for your services. The better your portfolio and customer testimonials, the stronger the chances that a customer will choose you over similar companies when they begin focusing on renovating their home.

Scaling a home renovation company can be difficult, but it’s more than achievable. To guide you on your journey, use the tips provided above to focus more on areas that’ll require your attention in order to grow your business.

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