How to Manage Moving Day With a Back Injury

Moving is stressful enough. Trying to move with a serious back injury can make it feel even more overwhelming. Whether you have a spinal cord injury, pulled muscle, or a strain, managing a moving day with a back injury doesn’t have to be impossible. If you have a back injury and are looking for tips and tricks on how to make the move manageable, read on.

Hire a reputable moving company.


If you’re hurt or suffer from back pain, it’s too much to think you can do it all alone. If you have a back injury, the first thing to do when considering a local or long-distance move is to call a moving company. Moving companies can do a great job taking great care during your moving process and save you from aggravating your injury.

The great news about moving companies is that they can be found in every major city. Something as simple as a Google search like “moving company in Fort Lauderdale FL” or “moving company in New York” will point you in the right direction of a moving company that can offer great service for your next move or once-in-a-lifetime relocation.

See a spine specialist.


Even if you already have a great rehabilitation team, it’s a good idea to be sure you’re getting the best care for your back injury. After your initial injury, it’s important that you see spine trauma experts who can offer second opinions and work with you to make decisions about your treatment plan. A back or spine injury is serious and working with people whose priority is patient care and the hard work of helping you to make a full recovery is important.

After finding a spinal care team you feel comfortable with, talk to your physical therapist about your move. Get clear instructions of what you’ll be able to do and not when it comes time for your move. Depending on your specific injury, they may be able to offer suggestions for how to move safely.

Plan Ahead


Because you’ll need a mover, it’s a good idea to plan well in advance of your move. Going the extra mile now and lining up the small details of your move will make that move day easier and even hassle-free. If you have no option and need to move on short notice, the best thing to do is to contact people in your support team and ask for help. While any last-minute move will be more challenging, knowing you aren’t alone will make a difference.

Ask for help from friends and family.


Reaching out to your support system of friends and family is always a good idea after an injury anyway. Whether you lean on friends and family for emotional support during your move, or they help with the physical work of moving, having people there to help out will make a difference. Consider calling friends and family and explaining your situation. You might be surprised how many people are willing to help you out. Whether it’s enlisting the help of your niece for bubble wrap packing to asking a friend to find the best mover for you, relying on people you trust can make a move easier.

In the end, by trusting the professionals, reaching out to family, and taking care of your health, you’ll put yourself in the position of an easier move. Let your moving crew and the people who love you do the bulk of the work for now and you’ll be well on your way to the best experience possible with your move. Best of luck to you in your decision to make a change and in your back injury recovery, too.

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