How Vehicle Insurance and Warranties Work Around the World

Travel without worry can be an issue for people who aren’t sure about their insurance coverage around the world. But if you are someone who travels from one country to the next, there are options that will keep you square and give you peace of mind when it comes to vehicle insurances and warranties worldwide. If you are a traveler who is concerned about what your insurance company will cover or if your home country-bought warranty applies outside of your home country, read on.

International Insurance Coverage


Many people don’t realize that it’s possible to buy international car insurance coverage. Whether you’re an RV owner looking for adventure or simply interested in liability coverage for your vehicle during travel outside the United States, there are options that will keep you protected.

Maybe it’s that you hope to ship your car to Australia. A simple google for keywords “car insurance QLD” won’t cut it if you’re an American citizen. While Queensland coverage would work great for any Australian, you need to be sure your home country’s coverage extends into the country you plan to visit. That is, you’ll need to look for international coverage.

You can start this process by calling your current insurance company and asking what they offer for extended, out-of-country, coverage. Customer service representatives and agents will be able to point you in the direction of appropriate and international coverage. Don’t assume the coverage you have will work in another nation; odds are, it won’t. Doing your homework and asking questions now will pay off long term.

International Warranty Coverage


Maybe you’re about to travel to another country but are concerned about some issues you’ve been having with your motorhome. Maybe you worry that a major repair won’t be covered in another country. While it’s probably easier to get that useful repairs before you travel, life isn’t always ideal. If you have to leave now and aren’t sure about your international warranty coverage, it’s worth a call to your warranty company ahead of time to ask about exclusions and repair costs now. Coverage is not always the same worldwide.

To be sure you’re covered internationally, you’ll need to look into an international warranty policy. You may be able to build this into your current warranty. Maybe you use America’s RV Warranty and want to extend your coverage overseas. All you need to do is give them a call to find out the specifics of your policy and how your RV will be covered based on where you’re traveling. While extending factory warranties to international coverage will cost more, this is a smart move for anyone who wants to explore outside of the country worry-free.

Travel Insurance


Known for covering personal belongings and medical expenses while traveling, there are some traveler’s insurance policies that will also pick up some liability costs should you be in an accident away from your own country. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look into world nomad traveler’s insurance before you set off for your trip. While all policies are different, extra coverage can’t hurt.

In the end, no matter where you travel or if you drive a used RV or brand new sports car, it’s important to understand your insurance and warranty coverages before heading out of the country. To find out where you’re covered, give your customer service representatives a call and ask about extended coverages. They will give you a breakdown of what’s covered and what’s not. Travel insurance, international insurance policies, and worldwide warranties will be key to traveling with peace of mind. Happy adventures to you! Drive safely and with peace of mind.

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