Living The West Coast Dream: Money Saving Moving Tips

Living on the West Coast, especially Los Angeles which is supposed to be the City of Angels is no small feet. There is a ton to do and explore usually with an extra surcharge just for being out in the west. Prices vary drastically from it’s East Coast siblings. Cities like San Deigo and Portland are so much fun to visit but could burst the budget. To help you get set up after your big move to the West Coast, here are a few essential money-saving tips for you to consider.


Having a budget is one of the most important items that you will want to put on your checklist. It doesn’t matter if you are not moving far or moving across the country. You are going to want to set a price range for hotels, movers, food, and other normal moving costs. Get multiple price quotes from a professional moving company. You can decide if you want a top of the line service where they pack everything for you or maybe you’ll want to pack and they just physically move your items.

If you are looking into storage units to store extra items it is also important to shop around. If you are looking for the best price storage units in San Diego, Self Storage is a great place to start since moving is their specialty. You will also want to be conscious after the move about your budget. If for example, you’ve already taken out some personal loans Oregon or with a bank, it will most likely be for the purchase of your new home. You will have to make sure the loans are paid back on a monthly basis. It’s always important to calculate your monthly bills to make sure you can afford your new life and home.


Moving is a great time to purge your home of all the unnecessary items in your life. You can first start with collecting all the things you may want to get rid of that are still valuable and try to sell them for a little extra cash. There are plenty of websites that will take your old clothes and housing items. You can also host a garage sale which may be easier because the buyers will come directly to you. Some items may be easier to decide on than others so judgment calls will have to be made. Donating is also a great way to clear out your home and give back to the community. For the heavier, bulky items a lot of places such as Habitat for Humanity will actually come and pick up your item for free.

Don’t Overbuy

While it is very exciting to be moving into a new home you want to make sure you are not overbuying for it or busting your budget. Many don’t know it but moving is a mental game between you and everything new you may want to add to your shopping list. You can easily find items whilst shopping and form an emotional attachment but in reality, you may not need the items. During the move and a little bit after, you should way out any item with the need verses want game.

Pick the right date.

In case you didn’t know, there are peak moving times of the year that can end up costing you more money. Think of it like the wedding months that are popular. Winter is undesirable to move since the weather could hinder the process while spring is almost perfect since you will beat the cold and miss the heat waves. May through September is known as the peak moving months since kids are not in school and the weather is best. By avoiding these moths you will find lower quotes and have an easier time scheduling solid dates.

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