Online Medical Career: 5 Business Ideas

The Coronavirus has forced people inside their homes and away from their on-location work. Even medical professionals have had to adjust the way they treat their patients due to shutdowns across the United States. Many of the changes brought on by this virus will be lasting, but permanent adjustments present opportunities to grow and evolve with the times.

With doctors cautioning people against leaving the house unnecessarily, a need for remote medical professionals has risen. There are many professions within the healthcare field that one can take-up remotely. Whether you’re a medical coder, pharmacy technician, mental health therapist, or physician’s assistant, you’re needed in the telehealth field. Continue reading to learn more about online medical career opportunities.

Online Medical Degree and Certification Programs


Over the years, online learning has become an increasingly popular option for adults who already have a job and family. Attaining a degree online allows you to get the education you need to boost your career without having to pause your current career and sacrifice family time.

There are a lot of medical degree and certification programs that you can get online in a relatively short amount of time. With the Coronavirus shutting down just about every college campus in the U.S., online medical programs allow you to pursue your education while practicing social distancing. Some certificate and degree programs are as short as a few months.

With online degree programs, you won’t get the clinical experience that you get in the classroom, but the current times demand novel approaches to education and healthcare. Online degree programs and telehealth will likely continue to grow in popularity even after the American public begins to return to a semblance of normalcy. The people who will be the most successful post quarantine are those who can get in alignment with the “new normal.”

Healthcare Administrator

For any organization to succeed, it needs strong leadership and management. As a healthcare administrator, you’ll have a hand in every important decision made at your practice. You to decide the goals of the entire company as well as individual objectives for your team members.

Healthcare administration is one of the many jobs in the medical field that can you can perform remotely. There’s software that allows administrators to make sure that the entire company is following best practices to maximize key results.

The objectives and key results (OKRs) of a medical practice are what determines the company strategy. There are several benefits of tracking OKRs like encouraging greater employee engagement and ensuring everyone’s in alignment with the goals of the company. With virtual offices and OKR software, you’ll have everything you need as a remote administrator to bring out the best in your team members.

Medical Coder

Another crucial medical position that you can fill remotely is a medical coder. As a medical coder, your main task is to protect the sanctity of patients’ sensitive medical information. Many medical coders already worked remotely before the current public health crisis, and the need for remote coders will only continue to grow. You may need on-site experience to snag a job as a remote medical coder, but it’s a position that is essential, to say the least.

Talk Therapy


During these trying times, mental health is as important as physical health. You may not be able to meet with patients in person, but with apps like Skype, you can still speak face-to-face with your patients. You can hold online group sessions as well as meet virtually with your clients on an individual level.

Physician’s Assitant

As a remote physician’s assistant, you could play a vital role in preventing hospitals and doctor’s offices from being unnecessarily burdened. Many people will come down with cold-like symptoms and automatically think COVID-19 is the cause. You won’t be physically present with your patients, but you can still help them to assess their symptoms and decide if they should make the trip to see the doctor.

COVID-19 is a test of the resilience of America and the competency of the American healthcare system. And America’s healthcare pros, first responders, and essential workers will do what they always have — adjust and thrive. If you feel led to join the fight, be sure to do your research to get additional information about the available opportunities and requirements. Peace and wellness!

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