Tips for Estimating How Much Your Truck Accident Case Might Be Worth

You drive on the highway with big semi-trucks every day. Sure, they’re big and heavy, but you never think that those trucks are going to cause you serious injury or distress. And then one day, they do. Truck accidents are very serious and scary. If you’ve been involved in one, you may be dealing with some stress or trauma after that experience. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you deserve to recover in peace.


There may be serious repercussions and injury from your accident as well as property damage to your vehicle. But you’re focusing on recovery and healing your trauma, you don’t want to also be stressed about paying your bills and affording an accident that you were the victim of. This is when you may want to consult a legal team. In a truck accident where the truck driver was at fault, you may be owed financial compensation from the larger company. But then the question becomes, how much money? As you’re planning your payments and finances after an accident, it can be incredibly beneficial to know how much you are getting from your truck accident case. Here are just a few tips and steps to estimating your truck accident claim payout.

Find the right lawyer first.


Before you pursue legal action, you need to find the right team of attorneys. In many areas, you can find a firm that specializes in auto accidents like personal injury attorneys Denver. You want a team that will treat you with compassion and like you’re family. Rely on a team of lawyers who will fight to get you everything you are owed and can give you advice on what that number might be. You can also get a quote upfront of how much you’ll end up paying back to the law firm. With trust, hard work, and open communication, your relationship with your lawyer will help you get what you are owed after a truck accident.

Know your medical expenses.

As you and your team of lawyers start to investigate how much you are owed, there are a lot of costs you’ll want to add up. The first is your medical expenses. After the accident, were you admitted to the hospital? If so, for how long? Did you need surgery? Will there be extra medical costs down the line? What about the cost of preparing for a therapy session to deal with your trauma from the accident? Don’t leave any stone unturned. You are in this medical situation because of this other driver and you deserve to be compensated for all the medical bills.

Calculate property damage.

Your healthcare is obviously the most important thing to worry about after an accident, but something else may have been damaged as well. If your vehicle was totaled or needs repairs, that is another thing to add to your claim. You shouldn’t be forced to pay for another car out of your own pocket, instead ask for property damage compensation as a part of your truck accident case.

Add any lost income.

Personal injury from an accident can affect more than just your property and your health. It can also keep you out of work if you spend too long in recovery. If you end up losing income because of a truck accident that can also be added to your claim.

Plan for future expenses.

While there are plenty of immediate costs after an accident, there are also costs you don’t know about yet. You could be dealing with medical complications for years or you could be out of work longer than you realized. You don’t want your finances to suffer in the long run. You have big dreams for your money, like sending your kids to college, going on vacation, or finally designing a home theater. Don’t let one accident stop you from being able to afford these things. Ask for compensation for future medical expenses and loss of income as well.

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