What Are the Different Styles of Scotch?

Scotch whisky is malt whisky or grain whisky made in Scotland. All scotch was originally produced from malted barley as early as the 15th century. Commercial distilleries began introducing whisky made from wheat and rye in the late 18th century. As of 2020, there are over 130 scotch whisky distilleries operating in Scotland.

There are many different types of scotch whisky, each with its own distinct flavor. The most common types are single malt, blended, and blended malt. Keep reading to learn more about the different styles of scotch whisky.

Types of Scotch


Scotch whisky is a type of whiskey that is made in Scotland. Scotch is made from malted barley, which is then distilled twice. Scotch can be made in a variety of styles, which are typically named after the region where they are made. The main regions for making scotch are the Highlands, Lowlands, and Speyside.

Scotch whisky is a style of whisky that is made in Scotland. Highland scotch whiskies are made in the Highlands region of Scotland. This region is known for its rolling hills, lochs, and glens. The distilleries that produce Highland scotch whiskies are located in the north and west of Scotland. Highland scotch whiskies are typically malt whiskies, which means that they are made from barley that has been malted (i.e., germinated). The malting process releases enzymes that convert the starch in the barley into sugar. These sugars are then fermented to make alcohol. Most Highland scotch whiskies are also blended with other types of whisky, such as grain whisky and bourbon whisky.

Different Styles of Scotch


There are many different styles of Scotch whisky, but they can all be broadly categorized into five main categories that include single malt, blended malt, grain, blended scotch, and single grain.

Single malt Scotch is made from 100 percent malted barley. The malted barley is dried over a peat fire, which gives the whisky its smoky flavor. The whisky is distilled twice in pot stills and then aged in oak casks for at least three years. It has to be aged for at least three years and cannot contain any additives or coloring.

Blended malt scotch is made from two or more single malt whiskies that have been blended together. The whiskies can come from different distilleries or even different countries. Blended malt scotch is the most popular type of scotch whisky. It is a smooth whisky with a smoky flavor. It is perfect for sipping on a cold winter night.

Grain scotch is made from any combination of grains other than malted barley, such as wheat, corn, or rye. It must be distilled in a column still and must be aged for at least three years in oak casks. Grain whisky is typically lighter and more delicate than malt whisky. It is also less expensive to produce, making it a more affordable option for consumers. Grain whisky usually doesn’t have the same intense flavor profile as malt scotch.

Blended Scotch is a blend of one or more grain scotches with one or more single malt scotches. It can contain up to 40 percent grain whisky. People usually find that it is easy to drink and has a smooth taste. Blended scotch is a great choice for beginners.

Single grain Scotch is made from one type of grain (usually malted barley) and distilled in a pot still or a column still. It must be aged for at least three years in oak casks.

Scotch whisky is one of the most popular types of whisky in the world. It is known for its smoky flavor and is often enjoyed on the rocks or in a cocktail.

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