What Can a Key Maker Machine Be Used For?

Key machines are machines that are often used to cut the unique shape and profile of a key. This includes everything from the common house key to skeleton keys and even car keys. It all depends on the machine you use. It traces an original key and cuts out a new version as a duplicate. Some of them operate automatically, manually, or even through laser cutting. The manual key machine is typically the least accurate and is the type you’ll find at a lot of home improvement stores. These work fine for the common house key, but you’ll find that automatic or even semi-automatic machines are a lot more accurate by using a blade to cut keys. Learn more about what a key machine is used for in the following sections.

Key machines are known for their ability to duplicate and cut keys.


The key maker machine available from Banner Solutions uses laser cutting technology to duplicate and originate edge-cut keys. These key cutting machines can cut Tibbe and standard keys with vehicle mounting support, an adjustable viewing screen, and even a larger protective shied for increased compatibility. Banner Solutions even offers portable key cutting machines that don’t weigh much and can fit into smaller spaces. You’ll find that these key-making machines are equipped with faster cutting software for more precision and accuracy. They can cut anything from house keys to double-sided keys. Learn more about other varieties that they offer at Banner Solutions.

Key punch machines can design factory original keys.

A key punch machine has the same capabilities as key cutters, but they’re usually executed in a much smaller package. Plus, they can be used via Bluetooth or other smartphone interfaces. It’s an even smaller and more portable version of a key machine that runs on battery power. But it’s a great option for when you need a portable key cutting machine on the field. It can create factory original keys on the go. And it does it with the same speed as a duplicator. It’s accurate and easy to use. On top of that, a lot of these machines allow for depth and automatic spacing. If you’re traveling off-site, this is the best machine to use, especially because it doesn’t require electricity. These key punch machines can create some of the following types of keys: Kwikset, Schlage Classic, Schlage Everest B, Dexter/Master, I/Core A2 and A4, and many others.

These machines innovate the security industry.


When it comes to automotive security, XHorse key machines are making a huge splash. This is because this type of key machine includes a variety of security tools like remote control key testers, programmers, and diagnostic devices. You can cut a car key and test it out with new technologies from different key cutting innovations. Even with these key programmers and tool kits, it’s still at an affordable price point for locksmiths to be able to afford. So, regardless of the size of your lockshop, you won’t have to worry about the ability to afford these high-tech key cutting machines.

Overall, a key maker can be used for a variety of benefits, but it’s mainly to duplicate keys and increase overall security. It’s a true marvel of mechanical engineering and has grown from being a simple manual machine that clamps metal on top of metal to create duplicates. Today, blades and lasers are used in key machines to create precise and accurate versions of keys. You’ll find newly cut edges and no metal spurs with the best machines. Laser cutters are some of the best innovations for high-security entry systems. Overall, key makers are a necessary innovation that the modern world benefits from every day.

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