What Is the NBN Rollout Plan?

Australia’s National Broadcast Network plan has been rolling out smoothly, with an estimated 93 percent of Australians to receive broadband Internet service within the next two years. Even so, almost three-quarters of Australians were able to receive better Internet by the end of 2019, making the NBN rollout a successful initiative thus far. The rollout helps many Australians gain access to a better version of a resource that’s becoming increasingly important for everyday life. Beyond needing an Internet connection to connect with others or enjoy entertainment, many people need Internet access in order to apply for work, perform tasks of their current job or even schedule doctor appointments. As such, the fact that the NBN provides such an essential technology to so many people across the country is vital. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about how the NBN rollout is being executed.

As part of the rollout, areas are being designated on a map where service is currently available, construction has already commenced, or a location where a non-NBN provider already offers high-speed Internet in the area. Your service may be delivered through a variety of means, with fiber optic cabling, fixed wireless access, and the satellite being three of the most common approaches. Depending on where you live, you’ll be given a three to a six-month window for when to expect service. If you’ve already determined that the NBN rollout has serviced your area, but you’ve yet to make the switch, you will have a year and a half grace period before your older Internet is shut off. That being said, it’s a good idea to investigate the options available to you so that you can make an informed decision free from the stressors of being rushed or losing your Internet.

If you want to better understand your options, you can always learn more about the NBN plans with iSelect. iSelect makes it simple and straightforward to understand the various Internet providers, speeds, and costs available to you, no matter where you live. Whether or not you’re interested in obtaining highspeed broadband Internet via satellite, fixed wireless, or fiber optic cable, iSelect can help you compare your options and make the decision that fits you and your family’s needs. Remember that although 93 percent of Australians are entitled to faster Internet and phone service under the National Broadcast Network plan, each consumer has their own choice when it comes to which plan they ultimately pick.

For example, by searching iSelect’s database of Internet providers, you can evaluate a plan based on its speed and typical speeds during peak times. The four types of National Broadcast Network speed tiers are basic evening, standard evening, standard plus evening, and premium evening speed. Basic evening speed is an entry-level tier offering less than 15mbps at peak times. For people in residential areas who may want a faster speed of 15mbps at peak times, standard evening speed is a great option for streaming one movie or browsing the Internet on one device.

Standard plus evening offers 30mbps speeds during peak times, which is often a good fit for users with a higher demand on their Internet, such as streaming multiple high definition videos at once or on multiple devices. Of course, if you or your children do a lot of online gaming and streaming, it’s important to have an even faster Internet of around 60mbps. In these situations, you don’t have many options other than to choose the premium evening speed tier of the Internet. That being said, you do have some choice when it comes to choosing your Internet provider. iSelect can help you get a good deal and fully understand and compare all aspects of your new NBN plan.

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